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Best Massage Gun for 2020: iEase Percussive Massager XFT-2020V

Good quality sEMG Biofeedback Equipment for sales
Good quality sEMG Biofeedback Equipment for sales
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I really like my XFT. What I like is the remote easy to understand ...It has a nice clear display, I like when you get tired in the afternoon you can crank it up a bit...The batteries recharge within 2 hours which is useful. The cuff is compact, more so than another system I have used. Can wear stretch jeans etc....I like that there is only 2 parts

—— -JH

Client very like AED trainers. thank you for quick and clearly information.

—— Juka

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Best Massage Gun for 2020: iEase Percussive Massager XFT-2020V
Best Massage Gun for 2020: iEase Percussive Massager XFT-2020V

Best Massage Gun for 2020: iEase Percussive Massager XFT-2020V

The foam shaft is also called yoga column, it is generally made of high-quality EVA material, was welcomed favourably by sportsmen with its light weight and high elasticity. But with the rapid development of percussive massager, also as known as deep muscle massage gun, we can see from many sport events that athletes relax their muscles with a fascial gun in the break between games. It is widely used in MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL professional teams in the United States, European football clubs, American professional athletes, ifbb professional bodybuilders and sports fans.


There is a main difference between massage gun and foam shaft, the principle of foam shaft relaxation is to loosen up your muscles groups and muscle membranes by sliding around, and while relaxing under the condition of active exercise, which is much better than passive massage. But only with the foam shaft in the accurate trigger point can be relaxed and alleviated, while the cordless massage gun can directly relax deeply through high-frequency impact. By adopts high-frequency impact physiotherapy to penetrate aching deep muscles quickly that are too sore after high-intensity exercise. In particular, some deep muscles are difficult to relax by the foam shafts.Compared to our daily use of foam shafts, the massage gun helps massing muscles more deeply and accurately. A part of muscle tissues will adhesions or damage after a series of high-intensity exercises. Although this is a protective mechanism to our muscles, it is also a way that hinders muscle recovery. Thus the percussive massage gun plays an important role in the efficacy and safety of exercise training.


The foam shaft is suitable for massging the superficial muscle groups, and yet the fascia gun is suitable for releasing the deep muscles groups and pain points. Generally speaking, use massage gun or foam shaft is depending on your needs, but we recommend you to choose a massage gun for daily use. iEase XFT-2020A percussive massager can help you in more ways than one.


iEase XFT-2020V Percussive Massager has four different speed options. It means that you can run it at an appropriate speed which you prefer. The maximum speed is up to 3200 strokes per minute, that's why it can help you relax the sore muscles and increase the blood circulation faster than a foam shaft. The battery is highly durable that it can last for about 7 hours consistently. It equips with real-time pressure feedback technology, so that you can adjust your operate mode by yourself immediately. The noise output is just as lower as whisper sound only 45 dB. The weight is just 2.2 lbs which allows you to use this three-in-one handle with one hand quite easily.

So, when you’re looking for a better and faster tool that can solve your muscle recovery problem, the ease of use and the professional performance makes iEase XFT-2020V an excellent choice. If you want to know more product details, please feel free to contact us without any hesitation: https://www.xftmedical.com/product/products_percussive_massager/2020_New_Sports_Massage_Gun_24V_Deep_Tissue_Stimulator_Percussive_Massager.html

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